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We thank Irena Chalmers for the shout-out in her blog on her wonderful book “Food Jobs.”


Here are some of the latest comments about Learn How to Cook! (including one from Australia, and one from a pretty famous fellow!):

“We got an invitation to a neighborhood cookie exchange, so I watched Bite 8 of the DVD series for your cookie recipes.  I ended up making the chocolate chip oatmeal ones.  What’s especially nice is that I now have my mother’s old Hamilton Beach stand mixer that dates from the 1950’s, but still works just fine.  So, I made your Mom’s cookie recipe with my Mom’s mixer!  The cookies turned out great and we are about to take them to the party.  Thanks” — Paula, Seattle

“Thank you so much for your phenomenal approach to life by lavishing love from the kitchen.  Your humble approach to life is so refreshing.  You have a gracious attitude that few people demonstrate.  You are a dynamic superlative communicator” – Waldemar, Michigan

“I just wanted to say I have now almost finished the course and couldn’t possibly be more impressed.  You’re a fantastic teacher and the content was amazing, thorough, and user-friendly, and I really feel like I have learned a huge amount.  I will be recommending it to anyone I can.  Congratulations and thanks again” – Micah, Australia

“Wonderful. Fast & the DVDs are amazing.”– Brendan, the Bronx

I am so happy!!!  I just received my package and it is WONDERFUL– you have a gift for making things beautiful, I am touched … it was just like receiving a Christmas present.  Thank you again for your special thoughtfulness and generosity.  I want to start learning from your lessons and get that fabulous apron all messy 😉  — Nina, Washington State

“It came very quickly, and I was suprised at how nicely it was wrapped.  It was in a pretty paper bag inside the box with pretty tissue paper. A very nice touch!” — Cindy, New York

“As you know, I am a big supporter of digital learning and always enjoy taking some time out of my day to learn new things.  Best wishes for continuing success in promoting your online learning venture.”  — Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

Here are some very fun comments from viewers of Chef David’s 14-appearance cooking segments on the Weekend Today Show (NBC/Albany):

“The poached salmon looked really good and appeared very easy to make. I’m definitely going to give it a try. Noreen

“Enjoy your segment on WNYT! Going on year 23 in the restaurant business…love that you are showing people the basics! :)”  Gretchen

“Yum!  Always thought roasting a chicken might be challenging. It’s NOT! Yay!  Thanks Chef David for the vote of confidence & thanks for your encouragement too Tim!”  Sue

“Look forward to your segments!!! I still can’t get over that you are not supposed to put sharp knives in the dishwasher from the 1st lesson LOLOL (that was kind of a downer).”  Diane

“Yum!!! Stuffed Burgers looked Yummy. . . .”  Shyronn

“You need your own show!”  Colleen

“I did Your cornbread from this week’s show, and it was ‘Excellent’! I had put on a pot of gumbo and that cornbread just pushed it over the edge!!!!!!  You are the “Best’!!!!!!!  I’m a real big fan of yours!”  Sue S.

The following is a poem that was sent to Chef David by an upstate New York woman named “Sue,” a self-professed “late blooming cook” whose positive spirit and faith are joyous!


Many thanks, Sue, for letting us share your wonderful writing with our other cooking comrades.


You’re doing what you were meant to do
Of that I have no doubt
It shows in the way you conduct yourself
And by the words that come from your mouth 

You’ve been blessed with a talent to help others feel
That they too can soar in the kitchen
That nothing’s too hard to conquer for them
It’s apparent that this is your mission

So I for one, would just like to say
That I’m thankful that we have met
This ‘late blooming’ cook has enjoyed watching you
And has learned things I won’t soon forget

So press on my friend, do what comes naturally
Put Him first in all that you do
And know that He’ll guide you each step of the way
And will never abandon you


Other Testimonials:

Julia Child lives on because she taught us how to cook.  Her mantle has been passed to C.I.A.-trained chef David Robinson who has just completed his own Learn How to Cook (and eat your mistakes)! – 15 hours of DVDs that are honest-to-goodness lessons for everyone who wants to learn not only the how’s but also the why’s of good cooking.  He too passes along the classic principals of the past in order to prepare all who love to eat, for their future as good cooks.” – Chef Magazine

“I am lucky enough to have experienced Chef David Robinson’s fantastic cooking first hand.  Not only are his meals exquisitely prepared and beautifully presented, but there is always a sense of celebration to them as well.  Chef David has a way of transforming the everyday into a special occasion, but without making it seem difficult or fussy. For Chef David, preparing food is a way to express respect and joy for the world around us.  And I am excited to be able to learn some of his techniques through this terrific DVD series.” – Amy Kaufman, Co-Executive Producer, Gossip Girl

“It’s very clever, straight-forward, it teaches and reinforces, it’s elegant but not intimidating, and David is very charming. What struck me first was that David is Julia Child incarnate.  It’s amazing!  And it’s nothing I can put my finger on, certainly not the way he looks or speaks, or his mannerisms.  But it’s the same experience.  Not to sound crazy but he has her aura.” – Michelle Weiser, A Different Drummer Cooking School

“David asked me to take a look at his DVD collection and I agreed.  I have heard him speak and I knew that he knows his stuff.  So I casually put in the first DVD from his series, Learn How to Cook (and eat your mistakes)! and I thought I would watch it for a bit.  Well, that “for a bit” turned into several hours!  I watched the entire collection and learned something from every single DVD. This is such a terrific collection for new cooks and even experienced cooks who want to cook better.  David’s manner is friendly, the quality of the videos is fantastic.  I highly recommend this collection as a gift for your high school grad going into college, or for the new bride who wants to learn how to cook, and for the experienced hand who wants to learn to get better.” – Monica Bhide, Author of Modern Spice; The Spice is Right: Easy Indian Cooking for Today; The Everything Indian Cookbook

“Thoughtfully gathering together an enormous amount of information, Learn How to Cook (and eat your mistakes)! provides an invaluable foundation for culinary beginners, as well as incredibly worthwhile tips and reminders for more seasoned cooks.  Chef David James Robinson expertly guides you through every building block, with a warmth, charm, and accessibility reminiscent of Julia Child and Mark Bittman.” – Catie Baumer Schwalb,

“Chef David incorporates all the most essential elements from a long history of successful television cooking masters – a warm, witty, welcoming personality; a realistic pace; accessible ingredients, tools and recipes; and – most importantly – a can-do philosophy. He is equally inspiring to the novice or timid cook as he is to the more experienced. Each bite is chock full of foundational information and creative takeaway tips.  The set is beautifully produced and somehow manages to feel like it was made just for you.  Kudos to Chef David and his team for creating a valuable, back-to-the-basics tool for today’s home cook who would rightfully feel lost in the sea of not-so-instructional food television.” – Kathleen Collins, author, Watching What We Eat: The Evolution of Television Cooking Shows

“If you don’t know him yet, you will. Take a look. David “Chef Can-Do” Robinson has done a revolutionary job of putting every one of us in his country kitchen to share the pleasures of learning, cooking, eating, and sharing. David is as thorough as he is warm and embracing, and he puts the basic joys of the table at the center of our humanity.” – Betty Fussell, Award-winning author, Culinary Historians of NY Amelia Award for Lifetime Achievement in Culinary History, The James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America, IACP Jane Grigson Award, Food Arts Silver Spoon Award.

“Julia Child taught the first three generations how to cook. David Robinson joyfully invites the next three generations to Learn How To Cook. He takes the viewer by the hand and shares inspiring recipes for every luscious dish for every occasion. I can’t imagine how we lived without this well conceived and brilliantly executed series. I love these DVDs. I know you will too.” – Irena Chalmers, Award-winning author, founding member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, winner of the IACP Julia Child Award, The James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America, New York University Woman of the Year in Food.

“What you’re doing – real cooking in real time – is like jazz!” – Marian McPartland, Jazz pianist and composer, Grammy Trustee Lifetime Achievement Award, host of Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz on National Public Radio, Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Here are other emails that Chef David has recently received from new recipients of Learn How to Cook (and eat your mistakes)!:

“Thank you so much for not only the DVD’s,  but for giving my sister and me a reason to get together!” – Theresa, California

“I’m only halfway through the cooking DVDs but I’ve learned so much already. Thank you, Chef David.  You (and your team’s) hard work in putting together these DVD learning sessions is appreciated.” – Felix, California

“Excellent…just excellent.  Charmingly presented, beautifully done. (The series is) fluid, flowing, information-packed and organized to the max.  So well thought out, so well prepared and so well presented.  It seems such a natural for a new bride.  It should have to be bought with the marriage license.”  – Elaine, New Jersey

“After sautéing spinach, I will never buy canned spinach again.”

“I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to put my knives in the dishwasher, no wonder they are always dull!  Thanks.”

“No one has ever taken the time to really show me the basics like this.  I find cookbooks really confusing.  I thought I couldn’t cook!”

“[My daughter] has already prepared sautéed chicken and snow peas, and chocolate-covered strawberries and has pictures of both that she would like to share with you!”

“[We] are thoroughly enjoying the DVDs!  We binged on several discs last night and are looking forward to more.  [My boyfriend], who is not a cook, is rapt.  He said, ‘I could really learn this!’  They really are great.”

“One thing I found was very useful was pinching the blade of the knife.  I found myself many times unknowingly reverting to my old ways, but you repeated it enough in the DVD that I think it stuck in my brain (the knowledge not the knife!).”

“Cookies, cookies, cookies.  I have to watch the last disk again to absorb the technique.  I can’t wait to try them.  Woo-hoo cooking just got interesting!”

“I just had to let you know that I just got my DVD set in the mail, and I just happen to have the day off tomorrow…Guess what I’ll be doing?  So excited!”

“I love making breakfasts for my family on the weekends now.  My daughter and I cook together and it’s the one time we don’t argue!”

“I think you’re going to get some groupies from the DVDs – there is a kind of addicting, therapeutic nature about them.”

“The level of detail in the series is amazing.  You don’t leave anything out.”

“I kicked my wife out of the kitchen and made dinner last night.”

And, finally:

Delia Learns How to Cook (and eat her mistakes)!

I recently met young Delia, who has started to Learn How to Cook (and eat her mistakes)! Take a look at what she had to say in a recent email (and you can see some of her handiwork – her prep tray for Chicken and Snow Peas and a finished Focaccia with grated cheese and green peppers – in the photos under her note).

Thanks, Delia, and keep on cooking!

Chef David

Hello Chef Dave,
My mother contacted you through email not too long a ago.  I was emailing you to show you some pictures I have been taking of the food you showed me how to cook!  The pictures are of snow peas and chicken, Focaccia  bread, and of some preparation work.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Soon to be A Famous Chef ( AKA Delia 😉



The Perfect Gift from Mom to Daughter!

Thanks to all of you for the kind words.

Keep on Cooking!

Chef David