Aunt Bea has Up and Gone

Dear Friends and Cooking Comrades,

Welcome back home!

I’m nosey, so I always ask folks how they learned how to cook.

The answer used to be “mom,” “grandma” or “I grilled with my dad.”  Now more often than not the answer is, “I don’t cook,” or more heartbreaking, “I can’t cook.”  I find that so sad, because I know the sheer happiness of the kitchen.

Mom is working and trying to keep it all together.  Grandma is on rollerblades with her boyfriend Spike.  Aunt Bea is no longer in the kitchen.  In fact Aunt Bea has up and gone.  The kitchen represents panic or drudgery, instead of joy and creativity.  Home-and-hearth has become a drive-thru window.

We realized in creating “Learn How to Cook (and eat your mistakes)!”, that the traditional ways folks used to learn how to cook are going the way of the printed book and the dinosaur (or is that Dinah Shore?).  The great chefs of Europe learned to cook through the apprentice system – that means while they worked their way up through the ranks of the professional kitchen they observed and were shown things; someone taught them by example.  That’s what I love about showing folks how to cook via video; it’s the same premise.

Thank heaven for “digital learning” – you can learn when and where you want:  At night when the kids are in bed; on the weekends when you can be a weekend kitchen warrior; during a blessed quiet day.  That’s what I think is so fantastic about DVDs and streaming content.

And what’s more, you can’t really unlearn what you’ve learned (although luckily the videos do provide a refresher – over and over again – if you sometimes forget details like I do).  Here’s a way to regain the legacy of cooking to pass on to your kids and fill in that synapse of not learning to cook from a parent or grandparent.  And you can’t really forget how to cook, it’s like riding a bike:  balance; timing; learned instinct.  The more miles on the tires the more confident you become.

I think all of us can always learn something new in the kitchen.  I am always studying and trying new things.  The minute I think I know it all, I miss out on what’s next.  I guess I have a lot of miles on my tires!  But there’s always someplace new to go.


Chef  David


Photo – CBS Paramount Television
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